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the anime north was great!! O.o but other news. midnight blue is going to be changed to black and blue, and i'm moving to topcities once i get all the new html written and suff. peace-out

updated by: Ryvir-Lialy


YAY!!! i get to go to the anime north!! and guess who's going to be there?? DAVID REALE!! kai's voice actor!! YAY!! the pics are all up, and every kai section is to, and i'm working on the rest. i might be getting a new layout soon, and some other junk's happaning to!! peace out!!

updated by: Ryvir-Lialy


the site is coming together, i promise ya'll who actually look at it. i know it isn't much, but it's getting there, and i'm working on it!! *hides* don't form an angry mob, or anything like that. PLEASE??? ya, whatever.... peace out....

updated by: Ryvir-Lialy


i've got all the pics uploaded, [over 200] and i'm understanding HTML!! it's all coming together!! peace!!

updated by: Ryvir-Lialy


i thinks i finally starting to get this HTML thing... hopefully. taina from NONA helping me when i need it, so thankies taitai!! i will hopefully have all the images up and running, along with the rest of the kai section. then i will finish the other sections, and if any of you very few people looking at this site have any ideas, please tell me!! i desperstly need them!! thankies.

updated by: Ryvir-Lialy


Hello again!! I'm starting to figure out this HTML thing... so hopefully all the pictures and everything will be up soon.

updated by: Ryvir-Lialy


hello!! first day of an updating. no body's looking at this but oh well. bye

updated by: Ryvir-Lialy

Hey Lia!
This is your new layout [well 1st layout] for Midnight Blue! It was made by me, TAINA and i hope you like it ^_^

I've put instructions all over this HTML, so can fool around with it as much as you like. But PLEASE keep the "help from" section in the right side bar up, ok?

updated by:Taina [NONA]

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Taina [NONA] made most this site ^^;
example: banner, buttons, layout and all that jazz!