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at the anime north [], thnks to the ytv [] stand, and the weird on wheels [] people, i was able to meet david reale, kai's voice actor!! it was so great!!

this is how is went:

the nnss [nona not sold seperatly], the cosplay group i'm in, was sitting in the hallway were the ytv and beyblade boorths were, hopeing to meet the beyblade voice actors.

a secrurity guard came up to us, and asked to move down to another part of the hallway, so we did. after a few minutes, another security guard came up, and told us to "please leave the hallway".

about to cry, and thinking that i would never meet david reale, or any of the beyblade voice actors, i followed the rest of the nnss down the hallway.

we had only been mopeing for a couple minutes, behind a table, when a guy from the weird on wheels crew came up to us and asked us if we liked beyblade. hoshi jumped up and pointed at me, saying "she does!! she does!!" so we followed the dude back to where the beyblade tournament for live t.v. was being held, and began to beyblade in front of the camera.

anywhobies, while i was bey battleing a guy named dustin, i had to explain why i was nervous. the referee, sinatra, knew that i was obsessed with kai, becasue i had just finished explaining this while i was battleing, and he had been trying to calm me down becasue i was shaking. well, it was the second second match of like the second set i think, and that's when it happaned.

i heard kai's voice behing me.

i looked over my shoulder, and there he was; david reale standing there, in his kai shirt, and vip nametag.

well, this was to much. i started crying, and dustin and sinatra tried to stop my tears becasue we were on t.v.. i stopped my crying, and sat up. shaking, i ripped my dranzer f beyblade into the dish, and watched as i lost the set... again.

dustin and i shook hands, and before i grabbed my stuff, he said "the only reason i lost was becasue you were nervoous, and shaking." he was so nice!!

so i went back outside of the ropes, to watch the beybattles. i sat against the pillar that is now dubbed our mopeing pole, and let myself shake freely. taina, tomoyo and hoshi came over to me, and told me that they had been talking to david reale, and they had told him about me, and my obsession with kai.

with a red face, i asked what he had said, and they told me the best thing i had heard in along time.

david reale had said he'd love to meet me!!

he had left though, but he had said he'd be back at 5:15. [at one pint around here, i think that tomoyo left to go to the dealer's room.] so the remaining three of the nnss waited there, me sitting against the pole, and taina and hoshi watching the battles. at 5:15, on the spot, david reale came back, and walked over to taina. hoshi ran back to me, and pulled me up.

holding the picture of kai i had drawn for him, the funky little picture of kai with my url on it, and a candy for him, in shaking hands, i walked over tp him.

he smiled at me as i said "hi" quietly, and then, out of no where, he gave me a hug!! that made me calm down a little bit, knowing that he was a down-to-earth guy, and not a snobby voice actor.

i handed him the picture of kai, and told him that i had drawn the picture for him. he looked at me, and said "you drew this?!" it was so great!! he was so impressed by my picture.

but then he had to go do the segment for ytv's zone. he said he'd be back, so we hung around and waited.

after several takes of the four voice actors [gage knox, alex hood, marlowe g.h. and david reale] and the hosts tripping over the cordless microphone, and some other crazy stunts, david reale stepped off stage, and headed back over toward me. some of the ytv crew crowded around him, and told him that they had to do some more takes. david looked at them, then at me, and said "no." and walked over to me, taina, and hoshi.

the rest of the voice actors, plus daniel desanto who had just popped up out of no where, followed him in a single file line, to come see us.

i had been asked to hold the picture i drew for david, so when he came back i handed it to him, and said it was for him. he looked at me again and said "i can keep this?? this is for me??" i nodded, and handed him the candy, and told him that "these are the bestest candies in the world. you can have one." he took it and smiled. then he said, "this picture looks better then the actual kai!! it looks cooler." i just about died.

i asked if i could get everyone to sign my poster, and they were more then happy to. but since it was the biggest thing to sign, i was told it was to be last. at this point, i didn't care. david was handed one of hoshi's things to get signed, and he looked at the picture, and asked himself, "what should i sign; the scarf, or my arm??" then he looked at me, and asked me what i thought. shakily, i answerd, "t-t-the s-s-c-carf." and he lsitined!! he signed the scarf!! it was great!!

finally, when it was my poster's turn to be signed. david knelt on the poster, over rei's head, and tried to sign kai's arm. daniel desanto, rei's voice actor, was trying to sign the poster at the same time. he looked at me, and then at david, and back at me. he smiled, and said "if david would get of the god damn poster, i could sign it!!" david laughed, and moved so daniel could sign it. david went back to trying to sign my poster, but the pen [my pen] wasn't working. he looked at daniel's signature, and said "oh sure, the pen [another one of my pens] works perfectly for danny..." then he looked at the pen in his hand, the one in daniel's hand, and then the one in his hand again, and gave a week laugh. in the kai voice he said, "oh... it's a different pen."

all the voice actors finished signing the posters and picures, and walked over back to the spot which we dubbed "their standing area". after a minute, david and daniel walked over to the beystadium, and took each other on.

they ripped their blades, after counting down in their character's voices, and the battle begun.

david lost the first match. he fell to his knees, arched his back, and cried "NOOOOO!!!!" but then he whopped daniel, and took the set. he did a victory dance, and since tomoyo had come back, she got it all on tape!!

when david cam back, i got another hug, but then he had to go back and do another segment. after that segment, he was sitting down, and hoshi went up to him and asked him if he would take a picture with me. he was like "of course!!" so i got a picture with him, and another hug!!

then when he was leaving, he waved at us, and said good-bye. it was the greatest day of my life.

sadly, i didn't see him again all weekend, but i did get a hug from daniel, and was treated like a friend by all the people at weird on wheels, and by the beyblade voice actors.

thank you to: david reale, daniel desanto, gage knox, marlowe g.h., alex hood, all the people at weird on wheels, and to taina and tomoyo for amking it possible for me to meet david reale!! ^^

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