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kai hiwatari is probaly the most serious character in beyblade. he is very cold and distant, mostly keeping to himself. kai usualy dosen't voice his opinion, like the other characters in the show, but rather keeps them in his head.

kai was the leader of a blade gang, called the blade sharks, before being apointed leader of the bladebreakers. kai thinks that everyone on the bladebreakers team is annoying, except rei, but's that's probaly because rei ingnores kai. kai thinks that everyone's inferior to him, and even though he acts like a jerk sometimes, he really is an interesting character, and i think, possibly, a really good guy at heart.

kai was brought up by his grandfather. his twisted grandfather put alot of pressure on kai to be the best. the past generations of the hiwatari's must have carried a infamous title, and kai probaly wants to hide away from all the attention, and forget about the past. that's probaly why he is so distant from everyone. kai apperantly lives in a very large mansion with his grandfather, that is most likely in russia.

the only one that seems to truely understand him, is his bit beast, dranzer. the red phionex and kai seem to share a bond, and dranzer always come through for kai.

kai likes: dranzer, being alone, winning, beyblading,

kai dislikes: tyson, losing, tyson, loud people, loud places, his grandfather

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