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++pictures of kai

sorry if any of the pics are blurry, or if it looks like it's raining in any of them!! i tried to fix most of them. if there are any doubles, please e-mail me, and let me know the numbers please, and feel free to use these pics were ever, thank you!! [and if anything is spelled wrong, please correct me] enjoy!! ^_- *=pic i like

beyblade pics
kai standing with his arms crossed
kai standing with his arms crossed, again
showing off the evil black dranzer *hides*
kai standing, and looking very uptight
kai talking to someone over his shoulder
kai launching his blade
again with the arms crossed!!
kai smirking
people like drawing kai at this angle
kai smirking evily
*kai smacking carlos [nice pic to look at ^_-]
*kai smirking really evily
it's the angle again...
kai looks possesed O.o
kai looking dark
*looking focused, or maybe he's plotting something...
fly kai, fly!!
kai looking over his shoulder
*kai with dranzer [i love this pic]
kai watching his beyblade fly away
he's plotting again!!
kai looks like he saw a ghost
kai looks determined
looking ticked off
*getting ready to launch his blade
kai screaming [skinny neck here, folks]
*kai standing with his hands on his hips
he looks ashamed, or upset
kai looks angry
a stern face
a dramatic blade launch
stay away from the light O.o
laughing his blade
kai pondering
looking up
kai standing in front of the rest of the teams
kai getting ready to kick some arse!!
loading zee blade
black and white... dramatic
intense stare
intense light pic
arms crossed, again...
*this is a wicked pic
the offical pic of kai we've all seen
kai leaning over
arms crossed yet again
*kai fall down
kai laughing
kai looks eviiiiillllll
kai standing in front of tyson [is he smiling??]
*kai lauching dramaticaly
*kai laucnhing [sweet!!]
*kai battaling
*is it just me, or does kai look upset??
wicked headshot of kai
*kai looks so cute!! he's so chibi in this pic!!
*kai standing with his arms crossed again [hot and muscular!!]
*kai batteling max ['nother nice pic to look at!!]
his hair looks big...
*kai looks evil...
freaky cloak!! [it's ugly to]
*you gotta look closely at this one to see kai [intense!!]
*is he plotting, or just thinking??
*muscles!! *faints* [he's so hot!!]
*chains... kai... [like this pic]
he seems to be pondering again *hides*
poor kai
*showing off his russian skills
*kai sleeping
well aren't we confident??
evil sunset stance [close-up]
*kai in a waterfall [hot ^_^ *faints*]
kai looking sideways
*smirkish [really hot]
arms crossed yet again
dangerously HOT!!
loading his blade
*kai sunstance [wideshot]
a very blue pic...
very weird face
another weird face [*ponits*puffy pants!!]
*just standing there... [looking hot]
launching the blade
*sweet launch
*extremly evil looking kai
let that anger out kai!! let it all out!!
*evil, very dark pic
he looks... umm happy [unless he's plotting something!!]
colourings off
colourings off again
a bit small... oops
kai standing in a corner all by himself... [i'll keep him company]
i thinks this is a pencil board...
'nother pencil board
another pic with the colouring off
*poster pic
scary kai...
just standing there... with his arms crossed
* shot
no clue what rei's doing... but kai looks fine don't like... it's scary... kai's smiling...
*funny faces!! *falls over laughing*
is he gonna hit tyson?? [i hope so... lol]
*kai sleeping... *sighs*
he's plotting again!!! *runs away*
he looks extremly intent on ingnoring max
i think he's annoyed
he's plotting again!! again!!
he looks annoyed
this shot is only in the show for like... half a second
*don't take the evil thing, kai!!
*well don't we look happy with ourselves??
a look of extreme shock
*run kai, run!!
*he looks evil... *hides behind toothpick*
*he looks content *falls over into a [good] dead faint*
launching his blade
*he looks... smallish
*he looks... sad [is that normal for kai??]
*tears... *sniff* ;_;
showing off the evilness
threatining to launch
focused... or is he plotting something??
oh no... dosn't look good
mad at someone or something... [most likey tyson]
*i thought i said stay away from the evilness
yelling at someone [maybe it's part of his plot]
i'll catch you!!
i think that's a double... someone please tell me
*he looks frusterated... [is he frusterated with his plot??
] watching a battle [is this a double to??]
*he's plotting!! *points and waves arm*
*leaning against the wall
*leaning against the wall [again]
*he's looking at me!! *hides*
he's sitting, looking at nothing... [is he plotting??]
*O.o musclular... [double??] *faints*
bossy, bossy
*i like this pic... *drools*
screaming [most likely at dranzer]
*i think his plot involves his beyblade
he looks utterly confused
scary... *hides behind fork*
he's plotting again...
starring contest [i'm winning]
look up!!
i'm better then you
he's gonna beat you!!
*oh... he looks dangerous
stay away from the light!! O.o
*there's no words for this... *sniff*
puch that wall!!
does he look ashamed?? [double??]
he's better then you, and you know it [lol]
*he's looking out the window [he's plotting]
*muscles [double??]
he's happy [maybe his plot worked]
*it's raining, it's pouring...
is he loosing??
to get on the bus, or no to get on the bus?? [that is the stupid question]
*kai in front of a sunset
he looks extremly shocked...
is he still plotting??
*don't know why i like this pic...
*purple plane!! i mean... bus
it's raning again!! *dances in the imaginary rain*
*kai with borris! [i don't like borris]
*i love love love this pic [even though he looks evil]
dosen't he look confident
he's probaly yelling at tyson [again...]
*he looks wrinkled... but i like this pic [muscles... *drools*]
*i'll save you kai!!
oh...well aren't we confident??
******** the aweseomest pic ever!!*drools self to death*
let's all hug him while he isn't looking!!
darkness... O.o
*don't know why i like this pic...
he's telling you how much better he is
*he looks so evil... *sniff*
*evilish!! *hides from the scary pic of kai*
he points at you!!
*hehe, i'm going to go sit on his lap *tries to get through computer screen*
*he looks tall
he looks in pain here, but i think he's laughing[i hope he's laughing]
*he looks so at peace *sighs* [it just makes you seem peaceful]
it's a bird!! it's a plane!![no, it's a helichopter]
*he's plotting again...

beyblade 2002 pics
does kai look younger in this season??
examining the beyblade
launching in a wicked way
getting set to rip it up!!
*nice stance kai!!
kai and dranzer [both roaring]
*kai's stands
*run kai, run!!
*i likes the pose
O.o feathers
did he get pushed??
those school uniforms do nothing for you kai [cheesy fashion comment]
he looks mad... *runs away*
is kai gonna hurt me?? -_-;;
what are you lookin' at
does he look confused?? [or is it just me??]
rip it up!!
who is that guy??
screaming... [i'll save you!!]
poster from 2002
another pencil board
yet again... another board
another fricken board

beyblade g pics
what's he looking at??
this is dramatic [i think]
a nice headshot...
wonder what he's saying... [i don't like this pic ><;]
nope, don't like the outfit of this season
i think kai wins ^_-
still as hot as ever, kai!!
*likes, don't know why

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